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With gift planning, you can provide long-lasting support for Alliance Defending Freedom while enjoying financial benefits for yourself.

Gift Planning

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Gifts of Stocks and Other Securities

Donating appreciated securities, including stocks, is an easy and tax-effective way for you to make a gift to ADF Foundation.

Flowchart: Donor makes a gift of stocks and other securities to ADF.

Benefits of gifts of stocks and other securities

  • Avoid paying capital gains tax on the sale of appreciated stock
  • Receive a charitable income tax deduction
  • Further our mission today

How to make a gift of stocks and other securities

Thank you for expressing your interest in supporting ADF Foundation with a gift of securities. We appreciate your partnership and your gracious generosity. To make a gift of securities via electronic delivery, you will need the following information:

DTC #: 0164
ADFF Account #: 1133-2106
Account Name: ADF Foundation
ADFF Tax ID#: 86-1158500

Your investment firm may also ask for our broker information. We are proud to be partnering with the premier financial strategy and trust service organization based on Biblical principles—Ronald Blue Trust. For the purposes of initiating a stock transfer, please provide your investment firm with the following information:

ADF Broker Information: Charles Schwab Corporation (via Investment Advisors Ron Blue Trust)
Contact: Lauren Reuss, Ron Blue Trust
Direct line: 770-280-6055
Fax: 404-806-4439

Please contact us to inform us what specific asset(s), how many shares, and when it will be transferred to our account.

If you hold "book-entry" shares of stock in a Direct Registration Account (DRS) or through a Dividend Reinvestment Program (DRIP) with a transfer agent such as Computershare, BNY Mellon, or another agent, they cannot be transferred electronically via DTC. Instead, you should obtain a transfer form from the transfer agent's web site. Complete your portion and send it to ADF Foundation, 15100 N. 90th Street, Scottsdale, AZ 85260. We will complete our portion and send it to the agent to receive your shares. Contact us for assistance.

By certified mail - If you hold securities in certificate form, you will need to mail two envelopes separately to complete your gift. In the first envelope, place the unsigned stock certificate(s). In the other envelope, include a signed stock power for each certificate. You may obtain this power from your broker or bank. Please remember to use certified mail.

More on gifts of stocks and other securities

There are special rules for valuing a gift of stock. The value of a charitable gift of stock is determined by taking the mean between the high and low stock price on the date of the gift. Mutual fund shares are valued using the closing price for the fund on the date of the gift.

Contact us

If you have any questions about gifts of stocks and other securities, please contact us. We would be happy to assist you and answer any questions that you have.