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ADF Foundation

Advancing the God-given right to live and speak the truth

With gift planning, you can provide long-lasting support for Alliance Defending Freedom while enjoying financial benefits for yourself.

Gift Planning

About Us

"Victory Comes Down to a Matter of Supplies."

–Alan Sears, ADF Founder

More than twenty-five years ago...

...more than 30 Christian leaders came together to found Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) to keep the doors open for the Gospel and to protect your right to freely live out your faith. Over the years, ADF has been blessed with a rich history of commitment to living out the Gospel and serving God and the Body of Christ to preserve our God-given freedoms for generations to come.

As part of that commitment, after years of prayer and intensive planning, ADF Governing Board of Directors approved the launch of ADF Foundation. Our goal at ADF Foundation is to facilitate legacy and tax-advantaged gifts and to build and manage an endowment for the ministry of ADF, to ensure that it can remain strong to advocate for vital constitutional liberties. As God blesses this endowment, ADF will have more financial security, flexibility, and means to maintain its operations and respond to sudden opportunities without impacting its annual budget or needed reserves. What does this mean for you, our dearest ministry friends? It means that you can direct future donations to ADF Foundation, to support ADF through a long-term commitment to the mission and programs of ADF.

As ADF Founder Alan Sears reminds us, "Victory comes down to a matter of supplies." While we know that only through dependence on Christ (John 15:5) can we achieve ultimate victory, it is critical for ADF to have adequate supplies for the battle, as no army has ever emerged victorious by sitting on the sidelines. As Alan has said, "For too long, we lost by default, by not showing up with the resources needed to win." The objective of ADF Foundation is to ensure that the pipeline of supplies remains fully filled, so ADF can remain engaged for victory to keep the doors open for the Gospel.

For more information, please contact ADF Foundation at 1-800-835-5233, or to learn more about some of the Alliance Defending Freedom programs we support through your generosity, check out the links below: